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Welcome to Supply Chain Solution Ltd, the leading provider of warehousing and distribution services to Lidl in the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe. We specialize in offering cost effective logistics solutions for suppliers to Lidl, ensuring your products reach their destination efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

We offer a range of services tailored to meet the needs of Lidl suppliers:

  • Container De-stuffing Services: Using both offloading bays and ramp offloading, we cater for a wide variety of products.
  • Palletisation: Our palletisation services include both Euro pallets and UK Standard pallets (Block Pallets)
  • Transport Services: Part load and full load services are available from all our warehouses for deliveries to Lidl.

Strategic Locations

Our warehouses are strategically located in key areas throughout the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe:

  • UK: Warrington & Cambridge
  • Ireland: County Dublin and Limerick
  • Netherlands: Breda & Moerdijk

From these locations our consolidated LTL distribution services take place offering our customers and suppliers to Lidl a cost effective logistics solution.

Shipping Information

Depending on which area of Europe you are supplying, we recommend shipping containers are routed via the following ports:

  • Port of Liverpool – Warrington warehouse will receive and distribute
  • Felixstowe, Tilbury or London Gateway, – Cambridgeshire warehouse will receive and distribute
  • Port of Rotterdam or Port of Moerdijk, Warehousing & Distribution can take place from either Moerdijk or Breda warehouse in the Netherlands throughout the European Union.

Why Choose Us?

We offer suppliers to Lidl the choice of shipping directly to the UK, Ireland or mainland Europe. Warehousing and distribution services take place to Lidl RDC’s (Regional Distribution Centres) from our warehouses closest to the port of entry.
We also provide two way cross trade for both imports and exports between the UK Ireland and mainland Europe, utilising consolidation services to reduce costs.
Having the ability to pay us in Euros or GBP and be paid by Lidl in the same currency also helps to reduce customer costs and streamline administration
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