Export Health certificates

Export Health Certificates (EHC) may be required by food manufacturers/exporters commonly referred to as third countries. These certificates confirm that a specific business complies with all relevant legislation and the food produced is without risk to health.

To get a certified Export Health Certificate, your goods will need to be inspected and verified by an authorised certifying officer. Once they have physically inspected your goods, they will certify the Export Health Certificate and give your goods the green light to leave your premises and be exported to the EU.

Export Health Certificates

For many Export Health Certificates (EHC) the requirement to be signed by an OV is outlined in EU law. For any EHC, in order to protect animal and public health it is important that individual signing a certificate has the relevant qualifications and experience to attest to the matters concerned3.

Exporters from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to the EU need to apply for Export Health Certificates (EHCs) using EHC Online. An EHC is an official document that confirms your export meets the health requirements of the destination country. You must apply for an EHC if you’re exporting or moving live animals or animal products from Great Britain to, or through: the EU, non-EU countries, or Northern Ireland.

You’ll need an EHC for each type of animal or animal product you’re exporting from Great Britain. If you’re exporting a consignment which includes a mix of products, you’ll need an EHC for each product type.

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